Independent Family Business 

All our activities are geared towards safeguarding and further strengthening the long-term independence of the family business.


We achieve our goals together

We draw our strengths from the constructive and respectful cooperation of associates, advisors, the management and all employees.

Our actions are characterised by respect and appreciation for people and the environment.

We enthusiastically support a positive interpersonal atmosphere of mutual trust, reliability and ownership across all levels.

We aspire to a cooperative and long-term relationship with our business partners that is characterised by fairness, trust and reliability.

All employees share in the success of the business.


A business is only as good as its employees.

Qualified and dedicated employees have made the success of the business possible.

Regardless of the operational hierarchy, we consider all employees to be equal whose dedication and abilities we challenge and nurture. Our aspiration is to structure working conditions in such a way that they contribute to the personal satisfaction of our employees.

Preserving the health of our employees is extremely important to us. With various programmes and projects, we actively contribute towards maintaining the lifelong performance of everyone, particularly of older employees.

Balance between Work and Family

Our employees are responsible in all phases of their professional, family and personal life.

SIZMIC creates general conditions with appropriate offers and measures so that this individual balance can be better achieved. 

  • We make it easier for employees to return to our company, including during parental leave, by facilitating opportunities for part-time working or further training.
  • We support our employees with child care, both financially and in terms of organisation.
  • We offer employees the option of working from home, particularly to help employees with caring for dependents (children, those requiring care). 
  • We design individual solutions – such as part-time working, leaves of absence and holiday – to overcome difficult phases of life.


Management combines our strengths into mutual success.

Managers focus on the task and not on themselves. We achieve our corporate goals together. The basis for our management is the corporate strategy along with SIZMIC’s own values.

  • We manage in an appropriate and consistent fashion. 
  • We create a positive and results-oriented working atmosphere.
  • We obtain results whereby we provide our employees with guidance through measurable goals. 
  • We facilitate and demand independent and autonomous action on a clearly defined “playing field”. 
  • We clearly specify tasks, skills and responsibilities.
  • We give and expect open and constructive feedback. 
  • We support our employees and make use of their potential.


For us, the SIZMIC brand is both duty and capital in one. Supporting and building on its strengths and distinctiveness are vital cornerstones for maintaining the company’s independence.

Our brand messages communicate to consumers that they can be sure of purchasing  a high-quality and high-value food item when selecting our products. We allude to the quality of our products without creating false expectations.

The SIZMIC brand stands for a modern, high-quality and innovative chocolate brand for a broad consumer group.

Quality chocolate

We manufacture high-quality chocolate. Our requirement is for every variety to be at the top of its category. For us, taste and quality belong together. Excellent taste demands consistently high-quality raw material and processing methods.

We ensure that only flawless raw materials are used in our production facilities and only products worthy of SIZMIC reach the customer.

Ecology and Sustainability

Our goal is to do business in harmony with nature. In so doing, we use our resources effectively and deploy our workforce optimally. We attempt to waste as little as possible.

We successfully initiate and implement measures that have a positive effect on people who depend on growing cocoa and other raw ingredients.

We constantly measure and evaluate our  environmental impact.

We favour and use renewable energy whenever and wherever practical.

We implement sustainable improvements to our production technology even if they are up to 10% more expensive than previous methods. Although investment in this area initially puts strain on revenue, we are convinced that timely interventional pays off over the long term.

We promote and support our employees’ awareness of sustainable work processes.

Sustainability activities are considered when selecting suppliers and service providers.

Art Funding

Art possesses the ability to excite our imaginations and to change our perspective.

This encourages new strategies and approaches to problem-solving.

We therefore see promoting young artists as an investment in the future and as our contribution to cultural responsibility.