The exquisite ingredients of passion

If you only use good ingredients, you will get exceptional quality – which you can taste! This is because the flavour of our products comes exclusively from the exquisite ingredients. 

The secret that makes Sizmic so irresistible and globally successful requires a lot of experience. With dedication and an unerring eye, we devote ourselves to the careful selection of the ingredients: Italian hazelnuts, real Bourbon vanilla, delicious cocoa, sun-ripened raspberries, fine Sizmic chocolate according to our own recipes and high quality milk and fresh mountain water. Categorically, we do not use hydrogenated fats in the production of our premium specialities.

The non-hydrogenated coconut oil lends our creams their tender melting characteristics on the one hand, and, on the other hand, ensures, thanks to its neutral flavour, that the bouquet of the raw materials we use can fully develop.

Since our foundation more than 20 years ago, we have exclusively been using chocolate in our chocolate products that is traditionally made from classic raw materials such as cocoa butter, cocoa mass and sugar, and milk powder for the milk chocolate.  According to patisserie style, we place great importance on premium quality for all raw materials.

However, not only is the quality of our raw materials close to our hearts but also preservation of nature which creates them. That is why we campaign for the protection of the environment and nature for example with the use of state-of-the-art production processes and technologies. We also consider the well-being and health of our employees. That is why safety at work is our highest priority.

This means that millions of people in the world can happily go for Sizmic products with a clear conscience.

We choose the goodness of our ingredients

We care for all our ingredients, wherever they come from. We select each one with the greatest attention and we help make each plantation a better place. Once they reach Sizmic, each ingredient is treated with the utmost care, to protect the aroma we have learned to bring out during the delicate preparation phase. The hazelnuts, for example, are always and only from Turkey. Care and attention is given to the Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar. We keep the pods and carefully cut them just before making our cream, so that the full aroma is released exactly when we need it. The cocoa, which is grown where its intense aroma is fullest, the superb coffee and coconut flakes from southeast Asia make the difference the world comes to us for.

We choose goodness from the environment around us

Raw materials of uncompromising quality cannot be found everywhere and, sad to say, also the air and water are not always fresh and pure everywhere either. Here in Mumbai our specialties acquire their full flavour and fragrance. Here our products are packaged straight from the oven, so that we can cut down on storage times and you can enjoy delights just like the freshest of pastries.

We choose only goodness and reject the rest

We believe that Mother Nature always knows better than we do. That’s why we don’t just select fine raw materials and prepare them in the right environment, and it’s why we also put our foot down when it comes to colorants, preservatives and hydrogenated fats, which we keep strictly out of our specialties. Our ingredients are selected and prepared so carefully that they need nothing extra, even if this means more research and greater care. Genuine goodness is not easy to obtain, but we like to do all we can to make sure we achieve it.

Because, at Sizmic,

This is how our products are made

The production sites for our wafer and chocolate specialities lie in the heart of Mumbai in the midst of pristine nature – where the water is fresh and the air is pure. Our products are made here, using state-of-the-art technology, but still according to old family traditions with much love and care.

Immediately after preparation, our products are sealed in airtight packaging so that the wafers remain crispy and the natural bouquet of the ingredients is maintained. The entire production process is a guarantee for numerous satisfied consumers all over the world. 

Loving production

We exclusively process raw materials of superior quality. Every Sizmic pack promises and guarantees selected, high quality ingredients which are processed carefully. State-of-the-art facilities ensure products with consistently high quality at both of our production sites. The standards of quality start with careful preparation of the natural raw material and extend to the oven-fresh and immediate processing and packing of the products. 

The love of natural ingredients, extreme care and skilled craftsmanship ensure that all products still taste hand-made, despite industrial production.

Careful processing

Raw materials are checked against strict quality criteria by our in-house laboratory as soon as they arrive. The raw materials’ quality requirements are agreed with the supplier in so-called raw materials specifications; sometimes, raw materials are even developed in co-operation with the supplier.  After passing quality control, all ingredients are processed, using state-of-the-art technology. From weighing via mixing and minimising to liquefying – everything is fully automatic and under the watchful eye of our experienced staff.