SIZMIC as an employer

Advancement through Quality

We know that the motivation and qualification of our employees plays a key role in our success. To make certain that all the chocolates leaving our factory continue to be top-class, we do everything to ensure that we at SIZMIC implement our motto together – advancement through quality – and make it a reality.



We know that every Sizmic employee, from interns to the management, contributes to the success of the company. Our strengths are based on important principles:

We achieve our goals together.

We draw our strengths from the constructive and respectful cooperation of associates, advisors, management and all employees.

Our actions are characterised by respect and appreciation for people and the environment.

We enthusiastically support a positive interpersonal atmosphere of mutual trust, reliability and ownership across all levels.

We aspire to a cooperative and long-term relationship with our business partners that is characterised by fairness, trust and reliability.

All employees share in the success of the business.

Further development and promotion

Up the corporate ladder

We offer our employees many opportunities to continuously grow, mature and develop further in their career at SIZMIC, such as assigning challenging tasks and projects, depending on their strengths and talents, as well as consistent development and supportive measures. The most important goal is offering everyone the chance to develop personally as well as professionally. Here is an overview of the most important measures:

Performance review

The annual performance review is an important part of our corporate philosophy during which employees and their superiors can communicate openly with each other, agree new goals for the coming year, assess the employee’s performance and outline developments. The employee’s strengths are established and areas of improvement are identified. Together, the employee and superior agree on areas of focus for the coming year that are in line with the corporate goals. This gives each employee feedback and the opportunity to develop professionally.


As well as assigning challenging tasks which will allow the SIZMIC employees to develop, SIZMIC offers them many internal and external development and support programmes, seminars and training courses (e.g. management seminars, management training courses, professional and personal development  training courses, foreign language competence development lessons).

The employees are also supervised and supported by committed managers who live by the company values and who are made aware of these values through regular management seminars.


At SIZMIC we do not believe in inflexible rules; we expect and encourage an open, unbureaucratic working atmosphere on a stable foundation which is based on our company values. This offers our employees a high degree of independence and personal freedom to act, for example in interdepartmental projects with the aim of achieving optimum results in a team.

We also offer a family-friendly working environment with flexible working hours in many areas and more than 50 part-time and telework models.


Our annual potential panel appoints particularly talented specialists and managers who are given individual support in a suitable specialist and management career path. This means that talents and potentials can be more easily recognised, as well as being developed and used across all departments.

Even succession planning at SIZMIC for key strategic and operative positions is thought out in a careful and timely manner. 



Regular feedback sessions and employee surveys ensure that dialogue and the exchange of information go two ways. This gives our employees the opportunity to introduce new ideas and communicate openly without hierarchical hurdles, through our attractive suggestions scheme.  

Changes to an employee’s personal situation or health can also be taken into consideration in their individual development plan.