Innovation & technological progress

Through intense research and development and the evolution of our technological competencies and innovation, we persistently strengthen our position in the core markets ‘wafers’ and ‘chocolates’. We open up neighbouring market segments by maintaining our high quality demands as well as the highest possible synergy. Our innovative strategies have the capability to develop and manufacture best quality products for various industries and cafes. At our production sites all ingredients are processed fully automatically. But despite all the state-of-the-art technology, craftsmanship still plays an important role during product manufacture. This means that our machines are adapted to the high requirements of artisan quality and are planned, constructed and implemented in-house. We have  a large variety of products for business to business segment which includes,

Chocolate Slabs, Blocks & Callets

Though it may be slabs or blocks or callets, Sizmic puts complete love and passion in the making. Sizmic never compromises with artisan quality and craftmanship. Sizmic has a complete line up of Belgian dark chocolate from 48.2% dark all the way to 70.5% dark in the form of slabs, blocks and callets with different levels of fluidity. Sizmic has a vast variety in Swiss milk chocolate classified on the basis of cocoa contents, milk contents, fat percentage and fluidity levels.

Along with these varieties, we have variations of white chocolate, exclusive premium chocolates classified on their country of origin, organic chocolate, Chocolate powder, flavoured chocolate and gelato dipping chocolate.

Chocolate Shells & Cups

Looking for a stunning presentation of your desserts and petits fours? Rely on our Coffee Cups, Truffle Shells, A La Carte Cups to make them stand out on every dessert buffet or counter. With their impeccably creamy looks, catchy snap and lovely chocolate taste, they will definitely seduce your customers.

All the Shell’s are made of Sizmic’s iconic white/milk/dark chocolate. Thanks to their wide opening, they’re easy to fill and decorate.

Shell’s are a perfect base for creating your miniature pastries, desserts and petits fours. Fill them to the taste with ice cream, crème, caramel, mousses, fruits… They are also a great idea for café gourmand or dessert buffet presentations. 

Cocoa products

Cocoa mass

Sizmic’s Cocoa Mass is 100% pure cocoa, made from roasted beans, and ground into a smooth and homogeneous liquor. This unsweetened soul of chocolate is great for tuning and intensifying the flavour of your chocolates. It can be easily mixed with chocolate to achieve a more intense taste and colour or to create your signature chocolate recipe. Sizmic’s cocoa mass is made from 100% whole roasted cocoa beans – meticulously ground in different stages to obtain the highest level of fineness.

Cocoa mass also makes for a great ingredient for flavouring ice cream, ganaches, pralines or other ingredient bases to achieve a deeper, darker colour and more intense cocoa taste.

Cocoa powder

A great base for flavouring, colouring and texturing.
Sizmic’s cocoa powder is 100% pure cocoa, pressed from the same great blend as the one we use to craft our Finest Belgian Chocolate. It has a warm, red-brown colour and a very pleasant solid chocolaty taste. This cocoa powder also has a very fine texture and can easily be mixed into doughs and liquids – which is great for flavouring and colouring your sponges, biscuits, ice creams, desserts, drinks and so much more. Its lovely taste and colour make this your must-have cocoa powder for decorating and finishing your desserts as well

Deodorized Cocoa Butter

The key ingredient for every creative chocolate chef.
Sizmic’s cocoa butter is pressed from a premium selection of whole roasted cocoa beans. It is 100% pure, and has a neutral taste and colour.
It is the wonderful base to make colour mixtures for spray gun application.
It’s also a great ingredient for adapting the fluidity of your chocolate. Adding between 1% and 8% of cocoa butter to the total volume of your chocolate makes it more runny, which is ideal for thin to very thin moulding and enrobing. It furthermore enhances the gloss and snap of your chocolate in moulded and enrobed confectionery applications.

Nuts & Nut Pastes

Sizmic selects the finest Nuts from orchards all over the world. Picked when they’re fully sun ripe, the Nuts are stored under the best conditions – away from light, temperature changes or air. They’re shelled max. 12 hours before roasting to protect their essential oils and preserve their delicate, fruity flavours. The Nuts are then mildly roasted, ground, mixed with sugar and rolled into golden praline. 
You can expect a pleasantly sweet taste with an abundance of fruity notes and mild toasted hints. 

Sizmic Nuts Praline is just perfect for mixing with chocolate to create the filling of your moulded pralines and tablets. You can also count on this praline to flavour your flavouring ganaches, ice cream, patisserie crèmes, bavarois, bonbon fillings, mousses sauces and so much more.

Fillings & Creams

In many kitchen today, staff is scarce and there’s only 24 hours in a day. So making caramels from scratch is not always an option. With Sizmic’s Caramel, that changes: you can count on a genuine, great tasting caramel made with the best ingredients and without any artificial flavours or colourings. It has a deep & bold caramel taste and golden-brown colour, typical for home-made caramels. And the best part: it’s there, close at hand, without increasing the workload of your staff!

Our chefs elaborated the caramel recipe in such a way that it’s easy to work with and allows you to use for anything from filling in bonbons to topping your desserts. It has a short tail for perfect piping in small delicacies such as bonbons or bars. And it’s firm enough to be perfectly versatile to also top cakes, pastries and desserts or flavour your creams and crémeux. Moreover, the new caramel is easy to tune with your own personal touch.

Crema White is a wonderful base to create your customised fillings with long shelf life. It has a creamy white colour, pleasantly sweet taste and incredibly smooth mouthfeel that immediately melts in the mouth.

Crunchy textures remain fresh and crispy for long when mixed into Crema thanks to its unique recipe and composition. Chocolates or tablets filled with Crema have a long shelf life. Crema White has a semi-soft texture that can easily be cut into small centres for dipping or enrobing. By mixing, softening and aerating it in the cutter, you’ll create a light filling that can be piped into moulded chocolate shells or chocolate bars.


Sizmic Coating Extra Fondente is a very dark ice cream coating made with 73% Belgian dark chocolate. It creates the perfect ‘crack’ around your ice cream within seconds after dipping – without the need for tempering – and adds a rich, intense chocolate taste and very nice mouthfeel.

Moreover, our coatings guarantee long workability: when dipping bigger batches of ice cream or using it during longer service times, Coating doesn’t thicken.

Glazes & Icings

With Sizmic’s White Icing & Decor Paste, you can realise all your amazing ideas: from snow-white dream wedding cakes to colourful and adventurous cupcakes.
This icing has a neutral white colour and neutrally sweet taste with hints of vanilla. With its unique composition, it is naturally whiter and more elastic than many other icing pastes or marzipan – guaranteeing great end results for creative pastry modelling and styling.

White Icing & Decor paste can be used for different applications: covering cakes of any size and shape (thanks to its elasticity), detailed moulding (thanks to its very fine and steady texture) and sculpting fine flowers or decorations. It hardens out quickly, but doesn’t dry out while you’re working with it .

This icing paste is ready to use after quick softening or kneading. What’s more: you can use it at room temperature, so there’s no need to work with it in a refrigerated workspace.

You can also customise it to the taste: mix it with colours or flavours and spray it with the spray gun afterwards.

Sauces, Spreads & Toppings

Bittersweet chocolate taste in a sauce.
Sizmic’s Dark Chocolate Flavour Topping is the sauce you wouldn’t want to miss to top off your desserts and drinks. Use it both cold or heated up to finish off ice creams, sundaes, milkshakes, pancakes and any other dessert or drink with a decadent slush of runny, velvety chocolate sauce with intense cocoa taste.

The all-round sauce with intense butter toffee flavour.

Sizmic’s Caramel Topping is the sauce you wouldn’t want to miss on your counter or in the kitchen. Made with genuine caramel, it can be used both cold or heated up to finish off ice creams, sundaes, milkshakes, pancakes and any other dessert or drink with a decadent slush of runny, silky caramel with lovely butter toffee flavour.